Chan  Sopheap / Khoan  Pengly  / Mao  Mengchhorng / Sok  Kimleap  / Va  Benyamin

Cities all around the world are growing rapidly which results in an increasing number of urban population. Today, more than half of the world’s population are living in cities and this rate is expected to rise up to 66% by 2050. With such growing rate, people have no choice but to squeeze in tight spaces so closed to one another. Condition is even worse in the developing world where urban sprawl now becoming a global problem. In the face of this growing challenges, how can we ensure that cities are economically, socially and environmentally developed without sacrificing spaces for livability…


Coco van Weelden / Paul de Wilde  

Surrounded by a single continuous wall and mirrored by reflecting tiles, the space seems endless. Up is down and down is up. There is no horizon, there are no floors, and everything floats in a continuum of space. Nothing relates to scale, the limits could be as far away as they could be near. Walls with earthly sides – slightly humid and smooth to touch – smell of dirt primal to our instincts. Their thickness and porousness absorbs all sound, which dampens in the distance…


Chen Xingren / Fu Yuankun  / Hua Tingyu  / Ma Qingyi  / HanXiao 

Sky City is located in China’s first-tier city of Changsha, the eastern part of Changsha city, the location is remote from the center city. There is comfortable environment, but the supporting facilities are not perfect…


Yao Yidi / Huang Jie 

The design key word is “exchange”. It intends to encourage people to exchange ideas and communicate in SkyCity. First we create a curve surface in the courtyard to connecting 3 stories. The platform itself is accumulated by multiple modular boxes where people can store things inside. Then people can start to store in things. By “putting in” and “taking out” personal items,people inside SkyCity begin to store and share not only matter(books,cloths,toys..) but also spirit (skills,crafts,ideas..), and finally they achieve to exchange thoughts…..


Simon George Cherian / Azil Mohammed TP / Ajinkya Jamadar / Garima Aagarwal / Saniya Malhotra 

“Leave the world be, conquering the world and changing it, I do not think it can succeed”- Lao Tze

We as Humans are progressing rapidly in all fields and yet our satisfaction rate is at an all time low. We lack time even with the time saving technology that we use constantly. What we don’t realize is that time is something that can never be saved, only used, either foolishly or wisely. We keep chasing the concept of how things should be, and forget to live in what is happening…


Dan Gamboa Bohórquez

As part of the contest, my first figure out with this building was his new vocation as neighborhood and everything that involves: play, learn, study-places, co-working, farms, religion, etc. Normally, all this places we take it for granted when we’re living on surface but not as a re-think of what means living on heights. Starting on that point, my proposal is starting to reimagine how this new spaces should behave with the new condition of being inside a building, and be at the heights…


Abu  Faizal 

Our proposal focuses on establishing a nationally significant and inspiring space for education, and to create a series of system for- the current and future generations to learnand explore; extending the ways to how learning works for any user.Each different person has his own pattern of learning. A space dedicated to learning should draw the people together yet can contain his learning conditions. Drawn from extensive research into the life of urban people the design seeks to resist pre-script experiences and draw personal meaning to seek motivation, true happiness and to build a character…c


Dmitriy  Selivokhin / Anton  Ladigyn / Aleksey  Kurkov / Denis  Agafonov / Veronica  Barinova-Malaja 

Bees. Symbol of diligence and success. They create, they collect pollen, they produce precious honey. Being social beings, they live under the protection of the law in their own homes. It was the bees who came up with an excellent engineering design from regular hexahedrons, connected together – bee honeycombs. In addition to harmonious proportions, it is also the most geometrically efficient way of arranging polygons among themselves, in terms of material savings, logistics, strength and…


 Benoit Capel / Diego Pepin / Anthony Karkan 

The 21st Century sees the progressive domination of the urban over the rural; and in the face of this globalization, human activity and its social relationships are changing. The character of the Skycity competition, prompted us to explore the topical aspect of transcendence. Transcendence understood as the search…


Tetiana Korchebna / Ihor Zhuravel

Our topic is the theory of the noosphere. Noosphere is a possible new higher phase of biosphere evolution, which formation is thoroughly concerned with the evolution of human society that has a strong influence on natural processes.   According to ukrainian scientist V.I. Vernadsky, «there is a great geological or, maybe, cosmic force in biosphere, the planetary influence of which isn’t usually taken into consideration when talking about cosmic conception… This force is the mind of human being, his or her rightly directed and organized will as a social creature»…


Jeferson Chicarelli / Matías Gatti 

n the coming years 70% of the population will live in cities. Skyscrapers are a solution to densify cities in order to save urban soil and public budgets for city services, but in this scenario only a small percentage of the urban population will have access to a healthy eating. At present, throughout the world, over 80% of the land that is suitable for raising crops is in use. Urban agriculture arises as a solution that provides with healthy food without compromising the environment…


Anna  Badera / Vitalii Vashchenko / Olha Niestierkova / Daria Bahinian / Valentin Neklesov 

The education nowadays needs absolutely different methods. First of all it is oriented on self research and on the skill of analysing. So the main strategy of education should be flexible and focus on the student’s independent activity, the organization of self-learning environments and experimental and practical training, where students have a choice of actions and can use initiative…


Anastasia Starostina

Eyes open …

Where am I?

Welcome to the virtual world!

Lights off and loud music … People united by one objetive, gathered here to determine the winner in the decisive battle for victory. At stake is the worldwide recognition and an untold wealth. Rivalry and team spirit. Passion and excitement…


Linda Daniela Gallego Sanabria / Juliana Carolina Quiñonez Forero  

World’s modern cities impose challenges to our lifestyle, especially to mega-cities dwellers. As cities grow, the way we feel and connect with them also change. Even though megacities offer a world of opportunities, the uncontrolled population growth, the social disengagement, and the replacement of nature by high–rise buildings somehow disconnects us from our surroundings. We think that the way we design our dwellings is essential to make a difference, and that is why we…