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After a successful completion of our first challenge last year, SkyCity again, is pleased to invite architects, designers, artists, engineers, scientists, conservationists, digital nomads, craftsmen or basically anyone with great ideas from around the globe to take part in the SkyCity Challenge 19, “THE FUTURE OF HOUSING”.  The current ways of building are affecting the environment we are living in, they are limited and outdated. We believe with the modern technology available, we are able to create far more sophisticated homes that could revolutionize the future of housing.

We hope this new prefab construction prototype will be one of its kind, openly shared around the globe, with each location representing a unique culture inspired by world communities. We hope to create a sustainable building set available to the cooperatives around the world. Therefore, we invite you to co-create this “FUTURE OF HOUSING” in SkyCity with us.












We will be dividing $15,000 USD altogether, for the best ideas. The winning team will be then invited to co-live with us during the SkyCity Residence month in Changsha, set in March of 2020. We will also grant the winning team with an additional $2,000 USD as traveling allowance and fully cover their stay in China (housing + food included). 

*The winners will be announced on the 1st of November 2019 on our media platforms as well as published in several international magazines and their online platforms.



We want you to design a home that can be dismantled after a time period and used again as if it were just simple prefab modular pieces (eg. LEGO® or IKEA®). A home made out of ready-made slabs which together form a simple disassemblable set. We want you to design this system partially out of BCORE (a special stainless steel material). The pieces must  be easily transportable using traditional shipping containers which when flat-packed can fit into a 2.43m (8ft) wide, 2.59m (8.5ft) high and 12.2m (40ft) long shipping container and assemblable anywhere on our planet by the use of a small crew with equipment. 

We will be judging the projects according to several aspects:


the percentage of BCORE used



housing strategies


off grid possibility

overall cost

You can situate your project in any kind of environment on any location around our planet, however we need you to design your set fully or at least partially out of BCORE. Broad group developed this material exactly for this purpose and we believe that currently it is the most firm, specialized and sustainable building material allowing us to build almost any type of building.  Since we are planning to develop this modular home with the future winning team, we are focused on finding the most convincing and technologically sophisticated building set for the housing of the future! 

Remember, we are inviting you not just to design a simple home but a whole construction set that will form a future startup, which will be operating worldwide. Our goal in the future is being able to ship our housing set around the globe to anyone in need.



The CTS Slab (Core Tubular Steel) is the technical term for the prefabricated panels made out of BCORE. The parts of a CTS Slab are prefabricated in the factory and installed on site, which greatly reduces assembly time unlike concrete constructions, thus freeing the construction site from dust, noise and waste. The structures made out of CTS slabs have the advantage of energy conservation, earthquake resistance, long service life and can be completely recycled.

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Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde (1979) is a creative thinker and maker of social designs which explore the relation between people, technology and space. Winner of the 2016 London Design Innovation Medal.



Principal Architect and Co-founder of URBANUS Architecture & Design Inc. Liu Xiaodu co-founded URBANUS with partners MENG Yan and WANG Hui. LIU Xiaodu established the structure of the firm and oversees the operation of the company. 



Architect, engineer, inventor and activist. Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he directs Senseable City Lab, a research group that explores how new technologies are changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in cities.



Zhang Yue is the founder, chairman, and CEO of BROAD Group.. Zhang Yue chairs Broad Air Condition, one of China's largest suppliers to the air conditioning market.



Architect, Lead Designer Architect of or the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Afghanistan and journalist in charge of Arquine. Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) with Masters in Design Studies (MDes CC).



SkyCity is conformed by Daniel Zhang, Gábor Szentpétery and Dan Gamboa, three architects that directs this community platform of creators exploring sustainable ways of living, co-working and also having fun.



Everyone is invited to participate, from any part of the world. At least one member of the group must be fluent in one of world’s 3 most used languages:  English, Spanish or Chinese. However all of the entries must be submitted in English. Each team can consist of 5 members at most, but you may also submit an entry alone. Members with different fields of expertise per each team are highly encouraged. We think globally.



All the competition files should be submitted in digital form, however we still want to print your file on foam boards for their presentation. Please organize your thoughts into 2 vertical project board files (A0 – 841 x 1189mm ISO paper size international dimensions) in high quality (min. 150 dpi) PDF format which we can print ourselves. We recommend you to organize the Project Board #1 with presentation about your system ( pieces design / visualizations / ways of assembly schemes) and Project Board #2 with a presentation of your Future Prefab Home made out of your building set that fits into a traditional shipping container.  Each board must include your verification ID number (which you’ll receive from us via email upon registration) on its lower right hand corner.

You can find more about the requirements and regulations of the contest, here.