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We have created a new innovative building material that we call BCORE. It is made of stainless steel, composed of two sheets connected by a strongly welded tubular system. Since we are concerned about the impact of the current construction on the environment, we created this material from scratch, securing low CO2 emissions, very high durability and overall recyclability, thus zero waste impact.

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The BCORE Slab is the technical term for the prefabricated panels made out of BCORE. The parts of a BCORE Slab are prefabricated in the factory and installed on site, which greatly reduces assembly time unlike concrete constructions, thus freeing the construction site from dust, noise and waste. The structures made out with BCORE slabs have the advantage of energy conservation, earthquake resistance, long service life and can be completely recycled. The core tubes are integrated onto the steel plates by the use of a thin layer of copper coil foil placed between them and then melted together in 1100°C hot air ovens in order to create a very firm joint.


Replace reinforced concrete (RC) building, road and bridge structures.

Long service life and earthquake resistance.

Light weight for better fuel efficiency.

Low cost for processing, easily acceptable to market.

Exclusive intellectual property in the world in 60+ countries patents -Intelligent manufacturing for production, local cooperation for marketing and service, low cost for flat packed transportation, rapidly serving global customers.

Comparison to Traditional Building.

Structural weight reduced by a factor of 10 or more; ductility in stainless steel can effectively resist earthquake and land subsidence.

Very long service life, it can be passed down for generations.

BCORE slab filled with rock wool to reach a heat transfer coefficient of 0.5W/m2K, more than 20 times higher than that of concrete.

BCORE slab is flat like a mirror and can be directly painted to serve as exterior wall, interior wall and ceiling, to greatly save decoration cost and reduce 80~95% of construction waste.

BCORE slab structure can realize a less occupied area and an efficiency rate increased by about 2% Standard construction period: structure installation 1F/1 day,

Dear architects and designers, look:

Highly industrial & high-quality materials and systems.

Open platform for easy combination of structural and decorative components.

Safe solutions and proven technology to meet building standards.

Clear framework for architectural design development.

Clearly defined performance values for structures.

A clear system and guidelines for bracing the building.

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Standard slab is 12m long, 2m wide and 0.15m thick and can be directly used as floor slab, column, main girder, secondary girder or load-bearing wall etc. It can also be cut according to the requirements of architectural design.



Construction energy consumption accounts for about 40% of total global energy consumption. Reducing building energy consumption is one of the most economical ways to reduce carbon emissions. Broad Sustainable Building adopts more than 30 energy-saving technologies, including: BCORE slab wall with high insulation performance, multi-layer window glass, window shading, fresh air heat recovery, LED lights, elevator generating power while braking, energy-saving air conditioning system, etc. About 80% energy has been saved compared to conventional buildings.

The use of BCORE helps reduce the environmental impact of the building industry. If a BCORE building plan is widely used around the world, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40%.

If so, the earth is safe. 🌎