We are Daniel, Gabor and Dan, three architects that conform SKYCITY, a community platform of creators exploring sustainable ways of living, co-working and also having fun. We started this think-thank because we believe that out there theres thousands of architects, artist, engineers, philosophers, etc… that are wondering, like us, about or current state of living (housing, cities, habitats, fields) and want to take actions with ideas to make a change and creates statements. We started this, because we want to find them and be the platform to show them, and connect them.

SKYCITY is a land defined by ideas. If you are a creator who believes in the power of idea-exchange or networking with people who want to take action. In order to confront the contemporary problems in living, who believe that borders are just lines in our minds and want to express your input on solutions or your research, you are already a citizen of SKYCITY!



Daniel Zhang


Daniel Zhang was born in China but lived, studied and worked in Singapore, USA, India and Germany in the field of sustainability and architecture, now he is the Managing Director of Broad Sustainable Building.


Gábor Szentpétery


Gabor was born on planet Earth and truly hates the very concept of dividing humans into nations. He even founded PEOPLEIMEET a project to prove this. Apart from that he is an architect and some of his designs stand on three different continents. Studied in Prague, Manhattan, KS and València.


Dan Gamboa Bohórquez


Dan Gamboa is an architect and optimistic born in a city located at the Colombian - Venezuelan border. He’s an architect and photographer who travels around the world, with cute things on Colombia and Panama and now he is part of SKYCITY at the Broad Core Building Company.



BROAD Group is a private manufacturer of central air conditioning non-electric absorption chillers that are powered by natural gas and waste heat based in Changsha, China. It is also the parent company of Broad Sustainable Building and BCORE Buildings Ltd., a prefab building company using BCORE for constructions. The company was established in 1996 and exports products to over 60 countries. Broad is one of the few Chinese manufacturing companies that has been widely recognized for its green policies and commitment to countering climate change. It has expanded its business in recent years to include other energy saving products and sustainable buildings through its subsidiary Broad Sustainable Building, and achieved building a 57-story tall skyscraper in 19 days.

BROAD Town is the headquarters of BROAD Group. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Changsha City, 16km from the city center and 12km from the airport. It is home to dozens of technological inventions that have a worldwide significance, like the world's first non-electric exhaust air conditioning, the world's first fresh air purification machine, the world's first factory - making sustainable buildings … BROAD Town also covers an area which is reserved as ecological protection zone and organic farm. BROAD Town produces it’s own organic food, uses reversed osmosis water technology to access clean water. All accomodations provide 100% fresh air with pm2.5 filters. BROAD Town has many facilities for startups, a theatre, gym, a boutique hotel and dining facilities scattered on the campus, making this place a harmonious community.


P8 is a sustainable innovation community on 5000 ㎡. Eight floors with different themes. All residents advocate a concept of green and environmental protection. They are longing for a new life style, which is fun and meaningful. We provide one stop experience of working, living and learning. We are creating systems trying to solve urban problems as congestion, resource waste and mostly human relationships.