1. It’s a non-anonymous competition, however the register code which you’ll receive is your only identification. 

2. It’s an online competition, only digital materials and attachments will be accepted. However we would like you to organize your thoughts into a presentable format. We require you to send us 2 high quality printable PDF files (A0 – 841 x 1189mm ISO paper size international dimensions in min.150dpi) which we will be able to print on project boards for its presentation purposes.   

3. The official language of the competition is English, however you can communicate with us in English, Spanish and Chinese. Official time of the competition is set according to EST. 

4. You can contact the organizers if you have questions. We will upload documents and provide all the necessary information also on our Facebook page and group. 

5. Participants may submit various projects, however you must register each entry as a different project. 

6. There is a limit to the number of maximum of 5 participants per team. Entry as an individual is also accepted. 

7. We ask the participants to keep in mind that the use of BCORE is our essential aspect for your evaluation. We recommend you to use it above at least 25% of the overall material mass of your designs. However you are allowed to modify the non-structural part of BCORE like the surface finish, insulation, wiring and plumbing.

8. The results will be announced on the SkyCity website, worldwide media and exhibitions.  

9. The winning team will be invited to BROAD Town, Changsha for the SkyCity Residence in 2020. Here we will discuss the following foundation of the Future of House project. Therefore we prefer designs or ideas that we can actually build with the winning team in the future. 

10. Broad Sustainable Building Co Ltd will grant the winning team $2,000 USD for their travels to and from SkyCity.  

11. Broad Sustainable Building Co Ltd will provide accommodation and food for all the team members while their stay in Broad Town, during the residence. 

12. SkyCity, as the competition organizer, reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if deemed necessary. 

13. Entrants will be disqualified if any of the competition rules are not followed. 

14. Participation assumes acceptance of the regulations.

15. By participating in the challenge, you authorize SkyCity and Broad Sustainable Building Co Ltd to study your design in discretion. In case of any future development of your project, we will contact you.



All the competition files should be submitted in digital form, however we still want to print your file on foam boards for their presentation. 

Please organize your thoughts into 2 vertical project board files (A0 – 841 x 1189mm ISO paper size international dimensions) in high quality (min. 150 dpi) PDF format which we can print ourselves. Preferably Project Board #1. should contain a presentation about your Build System Set ( schemes/ visualisations / joint details ) and Project Board #2. should contain a presentation of your Future Prefab Home made out of your Build Set that fit’s into a traditional shipping container.  Each board must include your verification ID number (which you’ll receive from us via email upon registration) on its lower right hand corner.


A text document (A4 international format) containing 500 – 1000 words, with a language requirement of English. This document must explain your concept on the project boards. The text must include your verification ID number (which you’ll receive from us via email upon registration) on its lower right hand corner.

*Everything mentioned should be included in a ZIP file sent to via WeTransfer. You will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours of submitting your entry. If we don’t confirm your submission, please feel free to contact us.

*All submissions are due by 11:59 pm EST on October 1st 2019.



Broad Technology Group, Broad Core Building Ltd. & P8 Sustainable Innovation Community.