What is BCORE?

BCORE is a new innovative building material Broad Group has just invented. It is made of stainless steel, composed of two sheets connected by a firmly welded tubular system, used in space technology. Since we are concerned about the impact of the current construction methods on the environment, we have decided to create this new material from scratch, securing low CO2 emissions, very high durability and overall recyclability. Zero waste impact.

What is SkyCity? 

SkyCity is a platform within BROAD which wants to take this new material and other ways of construction to the next level and that is why we have launched a series of biannual design competitions called SkyCity Challenge. This year’s challenge “The Future of Housing" is ment to find new proposals for construction and design that are as innovative as the material itself. Remember Bcore is hollow on the inside and this brings us more opportunities in creating new hybrid solutions for construction.

Is there a specific place for the location of the design?

No. The participant is free to choose the place of the project. As the goal of this project is to achieve a complete solution of a modular prefabricated set for housing, the location is irrelevant. 

Should be items, such as bathroom units or furniture be included in the container's space as well?

Bathroom or kitchen units such as sinks, toilets, or showers (designing them is one of the challenges of your proposal) should have their space in the container. However, the furniture does not. If you see necessary or want to include the calculation of the space that these pieces of furniture will have in the final space of the container, you are welcome to do so, but it is not mandatory.

Can I participate individually?

Yes, individual proposals are accepted. The registration can be also done by a single participant.

Can a participant be in two different groups with different proposals?

Yes. A participant can be in two different proposals since each of these proposals has a different code. Just make sure you use a different email address for it to avoid confusion.

If I want to modify the registry by adding or removing any of the participants, can I do it?

Yes, no problem just do it before October 1, 2019. If you do, please send us an email with the ID registration code we have sent you to avoid the confusion.

Is the contest only open for architects?

Not necessarily. The contest is open to any creatives related to the contest anywhere around the world, you can be an industrial engineer, civil engineer or just a big fan of off grid sheds. We are hoping to receive the best ideas, related to the field of design and construction.

Students and graduates are welcome to participate as well.

Can I send more than one proposal?

Yes, but each proposal must have a different registration code.

What happens if the winning team can't attend the SkyCity 2020 residency at BROAD Town?

The winning team has a month to confirm their visit to China. This can be done by all the members or at least (1) of them. In case no one from your team can attend the residency, we will invite the team from the second place.

Who would cover my travel expenses to and from China?

Broad Sustainable Building Ltd. and SkyCity will make sure that the winning team will receive 2000 USD as travel allowance in local cash, once the team successfully arrives to the Airport in Changsha.

Must the design concern a housing prototype to be replicated and multiplied in several units so as to obtain a building, a tower to be used as a residence, or the project must relate to the single housing unit?

Is up to the participant. However, we are looking for the rentability of this project in the near future. Exploring models like co-housing, for example, will be totally acceptable and favorable.