2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
S0201     [ CHINA  ]
Chen Xingren / Fu Yuankun  / Hua Tingyu  / Ma Qingyi  / HanXiao
Sky City is located in China’s first-tier city of Changsha, the eastern part of Changsha city, the location is remote from the center city. There is comfortable environment, but the supporting facilities are not perfect.
First of all, after we probably learned about the project, we felt that SkyCity was similar to an idea of the famous architect Le Corbusier’s idea, the vertical city, and this idea instantly raised our interests, “Vertical city” refers to a giant architectural type that can incorporate urban elements like work, life, leisure, medical, education, and so on into one building. The “vertical city” can provide all the city functions to people.
Second, Changsha is the capital of Hunan Province, where would attract many young people from other cities. These young people are far away from their hometowns and may not return home for years. Besides, Modern young people have serious pressure form work and the   generally high cost of living and high rents. If we can provide an environmentally friendly and cheap way of life can alleviate this problem .Moreover, Unit-style residential building separated people so that they would lack of concentrated communication in modern life space. As the residents of big cities, we live in the city of high tech, the  communication between the neighborhood are really rare. And we all know that this indifferent social relationship is unpleasant. There are so many people who work and live in Sky City, where they think is equivalent to their homes. Then we began to think, how to give these young people a satisfied home.
Finally, we also affected by the current “shared” approach, we decided to make a shared kitchen, so that people can make some homely delicious food.
And then we were pleasantly surprised to find that in the area of living area, there are dimensional ecological farms, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, farms and even refineries. Not applicable to any pesticide, where the daily meals are from the side of the land.
Food is the least thing which would affected by the technology industry, because people like to eat. No matter how much science and technology developed, the kind of food would only be more, because people have their own taste and standards.
In the shared kitchen, people can cater an dinner to their friends, have a drink. People who lives here can use the large electric appliance like oven and dishwasher that they cannot afford. People can share the cooking, research new courses .So that people can get more development and cooperation with others.
Since we are a college student in architecture and urban planning, we tend to use the architectural design which we are good at to accomplish this challenge. So we will design the indoor atrium as an outdoor space. And people living in the building can have a different experience as cooking outdoors. In the atrium, We designed a lot of different functions and different shapes of building blocks to form our shared kitchen atrium.
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