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2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
S0155     [ INDIA ]  
Abu  Faizal
J57 – Skycity
Education –  Theme for the Courtyard
Our proposal focuses on establishing a nationally significant and inspiring space for education, and to create a series of system for- the current and future generations to learnand explore; extending the ways to how learning works for any user.Each different person has his own pattern of learning. A space dedicated to learning should draw the people together yet can contain his learning conditions. Drawn from extensive research into the life of urban people the design seeks to resist pre-script experiences and draw personal meaning to seek motivation, true happiness and to build a character.
Understanding the diverse use of J57, it is essential that the proposal enhance great experiences to various users. Based on the SEVEN AGES OF MAN quoted by William Shakespeare, we analysed user pattern of Five important characters- Teenagers, a working Person, Wise men and a Group of People. Who would  be the maximum users of the space.  
As also said by William Shakespeare, the world is the stage where we all are players or characters. We took the design approach as the screenplay of an individual’s life – capturing user patterns and user experience level at each and every square inch of the courtyard in order to completely synchronise the design output into the life of the user rather being an alien utopian or a mere contemporary interior space. This in result ended us in making scenes for different characters and how each scene reacts or responds to each character and hence giving them the sense of belonging.
Continuing the design process, we followed the users throughout the courtyard and figured the problems that they can possibly face and hence, we are providing a solution through architecture.
A few highlighted problems we sorted in today’s learning spaces, a few ideas which we dealt with are as follows.
 If a space is designed to be extremely flexible- the user gets easily distracted and as a result, their mind seeks to learn in a private space and Vice-versa. And hence, the slogan of our approach-‘The right balance between Me and We’.
The problem in learning context is people tend to focus on learning very small things but things that they will learn in the process but totally forget the big things that they will have to learn in order to find which way it works for them. Deal the Big picture narrow your focus.
Character spaces enhances endurance which keeps the users stay in the moment. It helps the user to understand the big picture that’s lacking virtually, breaking the Canonical Thinking. Learning through observation, learning through respiration, the concept of takingin and giving out.
Dreaming Space gives the user his freedom. Human beings are not designed to ‘standards’ of postures. Each person has his own posture of comfort. Hence, is included a space for a middle aged person who is tired after long hours of work to sleep off reading or a child to fall into dreams learning about his inspiring personality. Be it work or reading, a person will be able to concentrate and will be able to spend long periods if he is comfortable with his position. Also the hunchback position needs a break in the run of life.  
Hallways as collaborative spaces encourages minute –to- minute interactions allowing the users to design their seating arrangements enhancing their creativity and bring up a gathering settled down  with the Impromptu Tables, done without being planned or rehearsed. The spaces are connected starting from the social spaces. Humans are social beings. They tend to spend their time and thus share a great deal of knowledge passing down to generations. More than what is being read we learn better when it is heard. The wise men find enough time to share the lessons and experiences. And a social space at a place of education would turn in the total efficiency of what a thousand books would do.
The multi-activity space that allows semi-private meetings acting  like home spaces with Low level furnitures which allow users to Kneel down (Seiza), a chinese traditional way that can calm the brain down. Advantages also include increase in the blood flow which keeps the users energetic. A meeting where in a person is comfortable in his zone allows him to concentrate better and learn better. Rather than an intensified space where one tends tobe secluded in the surrounding, he will act better in a comfortable zone.
And there is the group of people who always run around engaging themselves in various activities. They have an entire new perspective or, are more like they have various perspectives to various scenes. They don’t follow the systematic routines.  A space that lets in people to be what they are, where they can climb up to find a comfortable seat and a casual position that suits their level of active self.
And thus considering the users and concepts we came up with this masterpiece. To bring in an educational space with a purpose according to each person’s lifestyle and necessity is what is achieved in our design. The pictured scenes depicts the characters and the storyline is well stitched to the frame according to the context.
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