The Climbing Library
2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
S0438     [ COLOMBIA ]
Dan Gamboa Bohorquez
(an educational playground for kids)
As part of the contest, my first figure out with this building was his new vocation as neighborhood and everything that involves: play, learn, study-places, co-working, farms, religion, etc. Normally, all this places we take it for granted when we’re living on surface but not as a re-think of what means living on heights. Starting on that point, my proposal is starting to reimagine how this new spaces should behave with the new condition of being inside a building, and be at the heights.
So, starting on this new point of design, I’ve decided to create a new playground for the kids, but with the condition of being educational at the same time. That’s why I could imagine the place where the kids can join and study after clases, make his home works and learn in company with other kids of the building: creating community life since child. I made the decision to create a complete three floors climbing wall who is also a library wall, where the kids who wants to took a book, exercises and play at the same time and not just that: as the students grows, he must go higher at the wall, creating a challenge for the kid, year by year.
The project consists of two main parts: active and passive. The active part is the climbing wall, which gives precisely to the blind wall of space, to give it theatrical form before the three floors that surround it. This wall will be designed not only to support the steps and scales, but also, to contain the niches of the books it will house. This wall will be divided into three sections, each one even, following the three floors that surround it and in turn, the three steps of the Chinese educational system before entering the third cycle.
In the first section will be books for primary education. Above, in the next 3.6 meters, is the second section will find books for secondary education or chuzhong. In the third and last section, the highest, are the books for senior secondary education (gaozhong and zhongzhuan), as well as those of the small Zhuanke cycle.
As a passive part we can mention the five reading rooms, light, based on the design of rice paper lamps and bamboo. This is where children can sit down to finish their homework or read books. Each part of the library is independent and will not necessarily have to be climbed to use the reading rooms.
The space will be open, with cross ventilation and free circulation. The idea is to transform it into a space where exercise and education combine in an extra, playful space that generates community life and anecdotes among children as they grow up. It is a unique endowment, as unique as the building itself, which will attract people even from outside the building.
I hope you like my neighborhood life construction proposal for the J57 building and for the P8 community.
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