Eyes Open … Where Am I?
2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
S0431     [ RUSSIA ]
Anastasia Starostina
Eyes open …
Where am i ?
Welcome to the virtual world!
lights off and loud music … People united by one objetive, gathered here to determine the winner in the decisive battle for victory. At stake is the worldwide recognition and an untold wealth. Rivalry and team spirit. Passion and excitement.
You are the hero of a new era.
Now everything is in your hands.
Today, the sports industry, entertainment, show business and computer technology are developing at an incredible pace. In junction with these different components of modern culture, a new trendy and an unusually promising phenomenon appeared-e-sports.
Cybersport is a competition in a virtual space where the game is the interaction of control objects, providing equal conditions for a person to compete with another, or against a team. In simple words, this is really serious competition in videogames.. Among the most popular kibersportivnyh disciplines – three-dimensional shooters, simulating the battle between the teams of players in modern or fantastic weapons, simulators of sports games; real-time strategy and team role-playing games with tactical and strategic game elements. Computer games in our time are an integral part of many young people’s lives. Schoolchildren, students and even quite adult, held people who have a regular job, like to play computer games. Such a sport makes it possible to train the mind and the ability to adequately lose and win. Cybersport is considered an intellectual activity, where one must think. it is very important to be able to calculate combinations, think through moves and feel rivals. Only in this case you can win. Electronic sports industry is very democratic. Everyone competes here regardless of gender, age, physical condition, religion and social status, from amateurs to professionals who take part in international tournaments.
This sport is not just games on computers and competition between a group of enthusiasts. This is a modern world of digital entertainment located at the junction of traditional sports, the computer and media industries. What will this world be like? How quickly it will develop and what will it give for human development? All this depends only on our efforts now.
Computer sports continues to conquer new heights in society, luring more and more supporters into their networks. The world audience of e-sports has already exceeded 230 million people, which is quite comparable with the audience of other sports, and annually it grows by 10-20 percent. If we talk about financial indicators, according to the forecasts of analytical companies, revenues in e-sports for 2017 will amount to 696 million dollars. It is planned that by 2020 the companies’ investments in e-sports will double, so that the total industry income will grow to $ 1.5 billion. It is no wonder that such an audience attracts more and more large companies and not only from the IT sphere, interested in promoting their brands among young people who are quite well-off and interested in modern technologies.
 Cybersport in China is a new trend, which is rapidly gaining momentum. China is famous for its cybersport achievements and love for e-sports, which in this country was recognized as the official sport in 2003. Now in China, there are leagues, theme parks and schools for training players. Due to the increasing importance of e-sports in China’s life, it becomes inevitable that platforms for the development and holding of tournaments at the professional and amateur level will be created for computer games.
This atrium was divided into 4 main zones for human activity.
At the first level is a lecture hall, which can be used for different purposes. For example, to conduct any lectures, to broadcast games or simply to arrange screenings. Also at the first level is a computer class / Internet cafe for people who do not want to sit alone in their apartments. this space can be used as a training ground for preparing for tournaments.
At the second level is the main part of the atrium-cyberarena for hosting championships and tournaments for e-sports. The arena includes a separate space for match commentators.
Above, on the third level of the atrium, there is a playground for smaller games on game consoles, consoles. In addition, entertainment will be located here with augmented reality, where you can plunge into another world.
This space is accessible to everyone, here people united by one goal can communicate, have fun and just have a good time.
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