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Hyper Tube Concept
2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
S0176    [ UKRAINE  ]
Anna  Badera / Vitalii Vashchenko / Olha Niestierkova / Daria Bahinian / Valentin Neklesov 
The education nowadays needs absolutely different methods. First of all it is oriented on self research and on the skill of analysing. So the main strategy of education should be flexible and focus on the student’s independent activity, the organization of self-learning environments and experimental and practical training, where students have a choice of actions and can use initiative.
The Sky City tower has a great possibility to arrange a space for self-education and cultural base of the region. The education consist of eight main categories that influence on the personality. Each category can be provided through different tools: lectures, communication, discussions, films, master classes, workshops and practice. All of this activities can be done in the free space of towers’ courtyard and interact with the future inhabitants.
The concept of this project uses the area of courtyard as a scene for new type of free education with emphasis on art. We strongly believe that there should be place for traditional chinese craft studying. There are a lot of researches about positive influence of hand crafts on the brain, so making art develop the person even more than just reading. Studying traditional crafts can also help citizens understand history and cultural of the past centuries and create something unique for the modern world.
Inside the courtyard will be placed 36 colourful tubes with base diameter 2,6 meter. The original walls and decorations of courtyard will be changed minimal. Nine different glass boxes for different education purposes intersect with tubes. There are glass corridor that connect boxes. On the first floor there is a zone for yoga with grass and stones. All the glass boxes has colourful interior due to the colour of tubes. There are different functions in the boxes: classes, craft studios, lectures and etc with transparent plastic furniture. So future inhabitants will have their traditional craft classes in the extra modern interior.
The concept of the project provides the organization the program ‘Design your own education’. Each person can choose the field in which he or she wants to develop. Than there are a range of possible boxes, where person can choose an equipment and invite teacher/master to develop in the field that was chosen. One box is used for arts and craft arts and there is also a flexible exhibition place for students, teachers and artist from all over the world. Such unique place will help to remember and find path to Chinese traditional arts and develop it in the modern world.
The interior looks like interior of spaceship and it is the best style for education areas.
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