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Trance & Dance
2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
Benoit Capel / Diego Pepin / Anthony Karkan
The 21st Century sees the progressive domination of the urban over the rural; and in the face of this globalization, human activity and its social relationships are changing. The character of the Skycity competition, prompted us to explore the topical aspect of transcendence. Transcendence understood as the search for one’s self within globalization.
Transcendence questions our place as individuals in society. But the 21st century, defined by it’s increasingly accelerated process of globalization, provokes a uniformity of culture and a loss of references. In the face of this it seems that under certain conditions the culture of work is now the new dogma. The issues surrounding burnout and other crises brought about by our relationship to work serve as proof for this phenomenon. The problem arises from the fact that we accentuate our performance in work, rather than structuring success within our personal development.
Our group, originating in Brussels, observes the problem of an “over-work” culture on a daily basis. Being the capital of the European Union, the city attracts a hugely diverse population and concentrates international institutions. This context has informed and shaped our understanding of these issues and our response to them through this project. These observations have given rise to a multiplicity of responses that are unique to each individual; either by tending to look towards the inside, and undergoing activities of relaxation, or by the exteriorization of their personality, in moments of social interaction. These binary propositions seem to stand in contrast to one another, where one is isolation, a tendency towards the self, the other is defined by a tendency to consume, if not to over-consume, goods, experiences, and ideas.
Our proposal searches for an equilibrium between professional performance and personal development. Without wanting to dictate a unique way of doing or living, we propose a space which generates sub-spaces within it, which are of free communal use. The individual, structured and followed by the play of light, can disconnect and dedicate himself to relaxing or meditating; or depending on the event of the day, to dancing, music or any other artistic format. The project “Trance & Dance” invites the occupier of its space to remove himself from routine and question their own methods of expression or liberation.
Looking for simplicity and flexibility in our response, the project is composed of a structure made of a multitude of cubes. The play of shadows and the translucid faces of some cubes, generate a multitude of spaces and ambiences, which allow the occupants to define their activity within it. The 39cm cubes, which allow the user to easily transition between sitting, kneeling or standing, they allow one to move around the space with versatility. Adapting itself both to the already present functions of the J57 project as creating a new space within it. Excavated spaces and elevations through these cubic structures create spaces by contracting and expanding space, which allow for different uses of the common space. It is not to be interpreted as an isolated corridor that leads to differentiated spaces, but rather as part of the whole. This organization of space, through a structure that is open and translucid, avoids enclosing users of this space in individualism: as it forces a perception of the totality of the space, wherever one might be positioned
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