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2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
S0174   [ CHINA ]
Yao Yidi / Huang Jie
Design Concept
The design key word is “exchange”. It intends to encourage people to exchange ideas and communicate in SkyCity..
First we create a curve surface in the courtyard to connecting 3 stories. The platform itself is accumulated by multiple modular boxes where people can store things inside. Then people can start to store in things. By “putting in” and “taking out” personal items,people inside SkyCity begin to store and share not only matter(books,cloths,toys..) but also spirit(skills,crafts,ideas..), and finally they achieve to exchange thoughts.
For example, the book that recently intrigued you, the clothes that no longer wear, a flash of wit and so on. According to our design, the process of exchange is circulating. This leads to a real-time communication of the community, which is inadequate in current urban life where people barely get to know their neighbors. We encourage residents in the SkyCity have various ways of communication and exchange
The curve surface is consisted by two layers of boxes with different directions of openings. One direction enables the daylighting of the bottom space and visual transparency, and the other offers plenty of public storage space. Meanwhile, boxes of different directions largely strengthens the integrity of the structure.
The boxes are modularly designed to 1 meter long and 1 meter wide floor space. Modularization saves economical cost and time cost as much as possible. More importantly, it offers flexibility. The boxes can be easily stacked and transformed into different shapes to run various activities and satisfy multiple purposes.
The inserted curved surface works as the key design for the courtyard and it has two meanings: a platform to stay and a public furniture offering a great quantity of storage space. Yet both the two functions aim to encourage people to communicate and exchange as much as possible.
A community with high quality should give full scope to its publicity,creativity and identity. And the 3-storeyed high internal courtyards SkyCity offers tends to be a unique space with a lot potential.
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