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2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
S0143   [ RUSSIA ]
Dmitriy  Selivokhin / Anton  Ladigyn / Aleksey  Kurkov / Denis  Agafonov / Veronica  Barinova-Malaja
Bees. Symbol of diligence and success. They create, they collect pollen, they produce precious honey. Being social beings, they live under the protection of the law in their own homes.
It was the bees who came up with an excellent engineering design from regular hexahedrons, connected together – bee honeycombs. In addition to harmonious proportions, it is also the most geometrically efficient way of arranging polygons among themselves, in terms of material savings, logistics, strength and density.
J57 is an experimental skyscraper demonstrating modern technologies, speed, purposefulness and a revolutionary approach to the erection of high-rise buildings. J57 is essentially a city in the city, with its life cycles, offices, museums, cafes and entertainment centers. Obviously, its residents need a special form of housing, located at the junction of new technologies and at the same time convenient for installation and operation.
The ideal place for arranging such a dwelling is one of the seventeen multi-colored courtyards of the skyscraper, allowing you to organize within yourself a three-level structure that turns this space into a closed microcosm. Here you can live, relax and work.
The project consists of three types of functional spaces, combined with each other. Structurally, this is a large frame structure, on which functional modules are suspended. In fact, there are three types of modules in the project.
The first type is a residential module, a hexagonal prism, inside which there is everything for a comfortable life. They are designed for three options: one bed, a bunk bed and a family room with a double bed. To optimize the spatial modules partially transformed, for example, a double bed in a state attached to a wall, turns into a closed rack, the tables can be fixed to the wall. Each module has a toilet design with shower and kitchen.
The second type is a business module – a hexagonal prism, similar to a residential module. The business module is presented in two versions: one option for holding meetings in groups of up to 10 people, the second option is a working office for 4 people with individual jobs. In fact, it is a coworking module that is provided for rent.
The third type is a hexagonal transit platform in three versions – 40 mm thick frosted glass, reinforced with a special film, to achieve the effect of hovering visitors; Concrete with a top ground layer and wooden flooring for a recreational area. Transit prisms connect functional modules among themselves, and also create small cozy inner courtyards for each of the residential modules.
All modules are grouped together by the example of bee honeycombs into a three-tiered structure.
The first tier is a public recreational area with a café and a library. There is an open amphitheater for lectures, with the possibility of projecting films on the wall, a number of swings and sun beds, as well as a system of flower beds and tubs with shade-loving plant species. As in the whole complex, in this zone it is planned to build a wireless Internet network. Here you can relax after work, watch movies, at night in silence read a book or check your mail. At lunchtime, this area is turned into a large café with business lunches, which can accommodate all tenants and visitors to these residential units.
We interpret the entire recreational space of the first tier as the base of a large bamboo forest, where the frame becomes trunks, and the “honeycombs” are functional modules, are hung on it in various combinations.
The second tier is a combination of business modules and residential modules, with the predominance of business modules. This is a zone of coworking, there is everything that can be required in a modern office.
The third level is a level completely occupied by residential modules.
All these three levels are strung on a common core in the center, with a spiral staircase and a platform for the disabled, as well as for loading and unloading in the very center of the staircase. On the perimeter of the ladder rod on each of the levels there are additional open workplaces organized as a single stand and stools along it in a circle for those whose work does not require a full coworking module.
All modules are unified and are regular hexahedrons of the same size, interconnected by similar hexagonal areas. This construction was suggested to us by bees. Modules, like honeycombs, rest on one another, and on the whole the structure is located on a metal frame, which allows to keep the common space of the courtyard openwork and open for air, and to ensure the highest density of module accommodations on three levels. Since all standard sizes are used unified, the production of modules consists of the production and installation of a number of identical parts. This scheme is quite in tune with the philosophy of technological solutions J57.
A very important part of the project is lighting the courtyard space, in the daytime it’s a cold light imitating the sunny, at night the ceiling of the courtyard is transformed into a starry sky using a diode illumination system integrated right into it. The ceiling is assumed to be semi-somatic, with a slight reflection, this will create an effect of leaving the module tiers in the infinity of the sky, due to fuzzy reflections.
In this project, the most important thing that we offer is a lifestyle where work and private life are closely intertwined in a dynamically developing environment, when there is no longer time to spend traffic jams on the road to the office, and all the time is devoted to creating something new. In this project, we minimize the passive consumption of time with the help of a closed cycle structure, when the whole working week can be fully spent for work, and a single co-working – co-living system offers its residents and housing, and jobs, and recreation and catering zone In a single space. This model is ideal for start-ups and students who can not yet afford a full-fledged office and housing, but already have ample ambitions for this.
The area of the standard module is 10 m2.
Residential modules – 12
Business modules – 6
Residents – 24 guests
Workplaces – 24.
Open jobs – 20
Public area for 100 people
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