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Manifold Clamb
2017 SkyCity Challenge 17
S0111    [ CAMBODIA ]
Chan  Sopheap / Khoan  Pengly  / Mao  Mengchhorng / Sok  Kimleap  / Va  Benyamin
SkyCity Challenge
Cities all around the world are growing rapidly which results in an increasing number of urban population. Today, more than half of the world’s population are living in cities and this rate is expected to rise up to 66% by 2050. With such growing rate, people have no choice but to squeeze in tight spaces so closed to one another. Condition is even worse in the developing world where urban sprawl now becoming a global problem. In the face of this growing challenges, how can we ensure that cities are economically, socially and environmentally developed without sacrificing spaces for livability?
We see the necessity of public spaces in the city and we believe that such spaces serve a crucial role in a society as they are places where people socialize, interact, inspire and be inspired. Thus we want to combine all the above activities in to one space we called “the learning scape”.
Regardless of the scarcity of available land, what if we could build a public place for educational activities in a vertical city? With this concept in mind, we came up with an idea of turning one of the 17 courtyards in SkyCity J57 in to a public space for educational activities. Our design will take up space of courtyard in floor eight.
Education is a life-long process and it is an endless cycle. Hence we design a sliding ramp which appears as sculpture and an element for playscape. The shape of the sliding ramp is inspired by a loop ribbon which resembles the symbol of infinity. We believe that education has no ending and it does not have to be limited to school. Mark Twain, a well-known American writer, once said, “I never let schooling interfere with my education.” Ones can learn actually anywhere and anytime as long as they become curious at whatever happens around them.
Environment plays a vital role in shaping one’s character. Aside from heredity, environmental condition also partly influence a person’s growth and development. Thus we imagine a space where, with the influence of the surrounding environment, users can flourish and grow better. We aim to create an environment which allows people from all ages and nationalities to interact in a shared space so that they can learn from one another within the community.  
In addition to the sliding ramp, we incorporate the shape of the ramp with a raise platform which can functions as a stage or an amphitheater for tenants in the building to conduct any educational activities, social events or community workshops on particular topics. Another purpose of the space is to encourage interactive learning environment which everyone can share their story or experiences, address problems and find solutions. Additionally, to make the space more welcoming and inviting, we created a flexible and movable seating furniture in the center of the courtyard. Users do not just simply sit but they can also grab a book and go through several pages while they are waiting for the event or their love ones. As a bonus activity for kids, we also added a climbing wall to create movement and to make the space more vibrant.
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