P8 is a sustainable innovation community on 5000 ㎡. Eight floors with different themes. All residents advocate a concept of green and environmental protection. They are longing for a new life style, which is fun and meaningful. We provide one stop experience of working, living and learning. We are creating systems trying to solve urban problems as congestion, resource waste and mostly human relationships.
Why challenge?
We are inviting 17 teams (up to a hundred global citizens) to design 17 vertical courtyards inside the j57 world’s tallest sustainable modular building with a vertical bike ramp to the top. The most ambitious modular vertical city is asking everyone’s help, after it was featured 30 million views on YouTube and 300 million searches on baidu. Two years after completion it is still a ghost city. Saving the world is hard by ourselves, so let’s do it together, save SkyCity save human habitats.

Opening a competition and putting an award on it isn’t everything. 2017 is about a new beginning. What the challenge is going to do is to encourage solutions for everywhere. When teams of people come together close to a hundred dreamers from around the world. The challenge is an opportunity to focus on what is important: Collaboration.

Do you have the spirit to take the challenge?

We can’t resort to the villages, as in the next 20 years estimated 300 cities will be born, 20% of the world’s population will urbanize, that is about another 2 billion people, if we build the conventional way, concrete and steel and sprawling highways and cars, new cities alone would exhaust the carbon emissions budget to keep the planet from warming over the two tolerable degree as agreed by global scientific communities and UN. Can our competitiveness save us? We once had the arms race, then the space race, now a climate and earth race is needed, a race for living. The SkyCity challenge spans across all subjects of human habitat, from communities design to environmental IOT monitoring, from fair food systems to fair education, we rely on a network of judges and experts to facilitate the process. Tiered for all levels of entry, the game grounds is in SkyCity Hunan, but a global online community can engage with us through proposals.

We ask you to help to spread the word about this competition.

Thank you!
The world’s first skyscraper with an indoor sky street spiraling 3.6km upwards from the ground to a rooftop garden on the 57th floor. The 17 courtyards are 10m high and adjacent to the interconnecting street/ramp. It allows the residents to walk, jogg, ride a bike, dance, socialize in spaces like within a town. We are talking about 180,000m2 of communitarian spaces integrating work and life.
The whole building is 90% prefabricated / factory-made and it’s structure is 100% made out of recyclable steel. The pieces are machine-cut and welded into one of a few basic modules – a column, crossbeam or floor section. All modules bear serial numbers and the more advanced ones, like the 12m x 2m rectangular floor sections, come pre-installed with plumbing, electric wiring and air ducts.  Resistant to 9-magnitude earthquakes with thermal insulation, quadruple-paned glass windows with external solar shading, fresh air heat recovery systems. Constant temperature during the four seasons with outstanding air quality where 99.9% of PM 2.5 is filtered out. The building is lit by energy efficient LED lights, has a constant supply of fresh drinking water filtered via reverse osmosis purifiers and uses a central garbage recycling system.
*Watch J57 being built in just 19 days:
*internal details:
Feel free to visit Skycity & our community called PLAN8T in BROAD Town. We are open daily -  anytime, because we are co-living & co-working here since 2015. We can meet, talk and we can also show you around. We are located in Changsha, China approx. 1,000 km to the north of Hong Kong.
BROAD Town, Changsha, Hunan, China 410138